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Reception Course

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If you are currently working, or want to work, on the front desk in a hotel or in a Receptionist position then this is the Course for you.



English for Reception Course

If you are currently working, or want to work, in a Receptionist position then this is the Course for you.

This course is designed to increase your confidence when speaking in English. It will improve your conversational English and give you practical training in customer service. It will also give you a better knowledge of the role of a Receptionist. You will learn additional words and phrases to use on a day to day basis when talking to guests.

When you purchase this Reception Course, in addition to the training videos, worksheets and quizzes included in the Course you will also receive the following:


BONUS 1:  Two 1 hour one-on-one private lessons (via Skype or Zoom) with Julie or Neil

BONUS 2:  Access to our Members Only site – FREE for 6 months – where, as well as having access to additional videos and training material, you will also be invited to our monthly Live Calls where we answer any of your questions.

BONUS 3:  Membership of our closed Student Only Facebook page where you will become part of our exclusive private community

This Course is split into 2 parts. In part 1 you will learn words that relate to you and the skills and qualities needed to work in this position. You will also learn words, sentence structure and pronunciation of words used in a receptionist position.

In part 2 you will learn words relating to the role and duties of a Hotel receptionist including:

  • Taking reservations in person, over the phone and online
  • Checking guests in and out
  • Preparing bills and taking payments
  • Dealing with complaints and compliments

Our English for Reception Course will give you the conversational English that you can use when dealing with customers. It will improve your comprehension and fluency when speaking in English.

We will give you the words, phrases and practical skills to make your job easier when dealing with English speaking guests and co-workers.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to unlock your potential!